Game (2004)

A Theatrical Piece for Reed Quintet- Oboe, Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Basoon.
(ca. 3 min)

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"Once upon a time.......... There were 5 Reed Players who wanted to play a Game.
This Game was played by passing a Note to the next friend,
the same way you would play catch with a Ball.

The Game Started out OK until one of the players decided to play differently.......
Since some of the players didn't like it they got angry and started raising their voices .
After resolving the Problem they went back to playing.

But as they say, "Once an Individual, always an Individual".
This lead to more friction inside the group.

Yet as the Game continued and the indivdual stuck to his concept of the game,
a new version of the game developed, combining both group and individual.
And they lived Happily ever After............"
Moral: One can be an Individual and still be part of a group.

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