Comissioned by Sheila Gorter for her Saxophone Final Exam.
Piccolo,Eb clarinet, Marimba and 2 Baritone Saxophones.
(ca. 11 min)

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Groove is something that is rarely heard in the contemporary composition scene and is actually more common in the Jazz world.

In this peace i tried to convey the groove element into a structural contemporary peace.
The peace has 3 main parts.
The Reduced exposition is build out of many small groovy motives.
The Expanded Exposition which uses the same small groovy motives but develops the material from within.(see more below)
The Distorted Exposition, which is the expanded Exposition, is influenced by a Harmonic progression, which is a harmonic reduction of the Reduced Exposition.

The instrumental colour is automatically divided by the ranges of the Instruments the Piccolo and Eb Clarinet taking the high range the Marimba the Mid Range and the 2 Baritone Saxophones taking the Low Range.

Developing materials from within is an interesting idea which i explored in this peace.
Most peaces are developed in a linear way. First you hear a material/theme/Motive and usually you hear it developed after. My idea was to create materials where the development comes from the middle. For example if the material consists of 2 bars let's say: bar 1 and 2.
I would split the material into 2 separate bars. I would then mover bar 2 a few bars later let's say to bar 4. Now i will fill the empty bars 2 and 3 with a development based on bar 1 leading into bar 4(the old bar 2). To hear this idea, please listen to the first two bars and then to 1:46.

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