The Mill- Rembrandt Project(2006)

2 Flutes(Flute2 doubling Piccolo), 2 Clarinets in Bb, 1 Alto Saxophone,
1 Tenor Saxophone, Trumpet in C, Glockenspiel, Cimbalom, Harp, 2 Acoustic Guitars, Double Bass.
(ca. 6 min)

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This peace was composed and performed as part of the Rembrandt Project.
We were told to compose a peace for Rembrandts 400 Year Birthday.
We had the freedom to pick a painting or do as we please as long as it had some connection to Rembrandt.
I chose the painting "The Mill" - Click to See Painting

This piece is a musical interpretation of the painting.
The four wings of the windmill are the 1st Flute, 1st Clarinet, 1st Saxophone and the Trumpet.
The Cimbalom is the base of the windmill playing with the four wings as they play their single note.
The rest of the ensemble are the clouds in the background looming over the mill.
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